About fuwagardner

fuwagardner is a creative collaboration led by Junko Fuwa and Gareth Gardner, tapping into the talents of other leading professionals from the worlds of design, journalism, PR and marketing where required. Our work ranges from logo design to large integrated creative marketing campaigns. We have curated art projects, created books, developed brand identities and website, delivered films, printed brochures and published magazines. We are passionate about design and visual culture, and draw on our own freelance experiences to inspire our creative collaborations.

Junko Fuwa is the former art director of Blueprint magazine. She moved to London from her native Japan in 1992. After graduating from the Royal College of Art with a master's degree in graphic design, she has been working as art director, graphic designer and journalist. She also has experiences in being a guest speaker at exhibition talks, as well as giving lectures in UK and South East Asia.

Gareth Gardner is a photographer and journalist. He originally trained as a civil engineer before working as a journalist and editor on architecture, design and construction magazines. He subsequently studied photography at LCP prior to a successful freelance career which continues alongside work with fuwagardner.